Prologue to: Yakuza, Mansions, and the Dangers of Women

Yakuza, Mansions, and the Dangers of Women, YakuTaku

By: GeneralPhone

DISCLAIMER: This might be a little less than obvious for some of you, so I thought I would explain. You will see words in between parenthesis (Hey guys) and hyphens -Glad to be here.- This is explained later, but for the sake of time I would just like to tell you that they are what you can call commentators/narrators. They will help the story progress, and even have some power. Thanks!

April… Though this year will be a bit different from the last. Murakami Kazutoshi was entering a new school, basically because his goal of becoming the greatest Yakuza leader in Japan  was going very badly in his previous school full of quality individuals.

Back then he was a different guy, someone who would open the door for another person in front of him, or help a cat down from a tree.

This Kazutoshi is a lot different however. Ever since deciding to become a Yakuza, he’s become self centered and so calculating its scary. In fact I’d go so far as to call him a completely useless punk with no power. One can only hope he will change, and that is where our story comes in.

As Kazutoshi walked towards his new school, Onizaki High, he remembered his bravery in begging the principal of his previous school to expel him. He obviously wanted to enter Onizaki as “that guy that got expelled from the pretty boy school”. Sadly for him though, the principal knew of his intentions and it took him six full days of prostration in front of the principal’s office for him to finally comply.

Who does that really… To get expelled?

-It does seem a little crazy- Well never mind on to the story.

Coming up to the gate Kazutoshi noticed something a bit different from his old school. This gate was off its hinges and lying in the dirt, rusting away.

(What kind of trash school is this?!)

Waiting at the open doors was a girl standing in a red and white uniform bearing the crest of the school. Christ she is totally hot, I mean… She was a very pretty girl.

(She is a respectable women sir.)

Kazutoshi was meanwhile surveying the area in the hopes of finding some of the riff raff to join his gang. Establishing yourself early as the leader in a school is an important thing. He was so deep in thought he knocked right into the girl and both of them fell over.

-Why did she not move out of the way or call to him…-

(Maybe she lacks common sense?)

-Most of the people here do.-

Only then did she yell at him, in a louder voice than he thought possible from the pretty girl.

“Why the crap why did you run into me?”

“You can’t move out of the way?”

Well there goes our hero’s hopes of getting with this girl, better to just mark her off the checklist while I’m at it.

He got up brushing himself off, and for some reason not forgetting his manners, helped the girl up. Not that he looked happy about it, he he must keep himself looking mean and evil as much as he can. The Yakuza won’t take some nice chipper man as their leader.

Getting up, she spoke to him again, slightly less pissed now that he at least helped her up.

“I’m guessing you’re the new student Murakami Kazutoshi then. It seems what I heard was true, you are the man who wants to become a Yakuza leader and got expelled from Kiza High.”

-Here’s to hoping she never heard how he got expelled.-

(It would be great if she did though.)

-Well the story has only just begun-

He thought out his evil response and posed it holding his head high. -Ugh I hate him already…- (He is worse than trash….) -Something like a criminal? His aspirations.-

“That would be me, and I think at this point you should have easily seen how much of a thug I am. I don’t care if that information spreads around the school, my image doesn’t matter to me.”

Alright so that was a stupid response. Anyways… She sniffed and looked him up and down with an angry expression.

“Well you don’t exactly look Yakuza material. Perhaps more of a butler or elevator operator” -Damn dude- (That is just a little harsh) -But deserving- “Hey I will be the next leader of the Yakuza, and bring all the groups together to form a powerful organization!”

Isn’t establishing yourself as the antagonist a bad idea if you’re the main character? Well whatever. By this time the girl seemed to think this was just about as hilarious as I do.

“Well good luck with that then, my name is Natsumi Asaka, student council president of Onizaki High.”


(Well he done)

-We shall see.-

At this our anti-hero finally looked at the girl with one of his real expressions, not the eternal scowl he was trying to wear.

“You’re the president? Couldn’t you just send one of your subordinates to come get me?”

“I’m the only real member of the student council.”

“What does real even mean?” -Seems harsh on the others…- 

“Never mind that, just come with me to class. You’re in 1-C right?”

They then ascended some very worn stairs next to some very worn windows, turning right into a very worn hallway. Kazutoshi had heard that things here weren’t exactly nice, but this was almost a dump! Though he probably just thought that it was perfect for his dream.

Walking into a classroom labeled 1- (well I think C but the sign is ripped in half) Natsumi talked to the teacher about him for a moment.

The teacher, Mr. Ogoe looked at Kazu with a very stoic expression. I’m sure he had seen every punk type imaginable, so seeing a kid who’s on the weak side and only evil feature is the face he’s trying to make at that exact moment is most likely a relief for him.

After the teacher was done assessing his character, he told him to go sit in the open seat next to… next to the window… of course… and he did so. (Great more clichés)

As he looked around at the different students Kazu noticed that there was an old man sitting near his seat. He raised an eyebrow at this, but who knows he could just be a teacher sitting in.

Sitting down, he put his hand on his chin and looked out the window at his new surroundings. A baseball diamond, gym separate from the school, a library, a track, and what looked like a pool were things he could see from his window. A useful seat for seeing the goings on around the school.

Still contemplating, someone tapped him on the shoulder and he looked back at the old man who was smiling at him.

“My name is Sakurai Koji, I see you’re new to this class right? Weren’t you the guy that got expelled or something?”

Of course Kazu was more than happy to affirm this, and smiled while shaking the man’s hand.

“Oh you know about me? I can see the teachers are well informed.”

At this the man smiled a little bit.

“Actually I’m a student in this class”

Trust me Kazu I’m as surprised as you are, evidenced by you falling backwards in your chair.


“Yeah I might look a little old but I’m actually 16. It’s just a rare… condition I have.”

He doesn’t just look old, this guy is out of his prime and past retirement! Of course Kazu was still very surprised, but he seemed nice enough and maybe he could help Kazu get used to this school, and more importantly, gain followers.

“So you’ve been here for a while? Know everyone?”

He looked like a strange question had just been posed to him, which it was.

“Well I’ve been in school with a lot of these people since year one so yeah I suppose”

Any time he could gain info on anyone, he would definitely use that chance. Maybe he even knew some things about Natsumi Asaka that would help him out.

“Do you know anything about Natsumi Asaka? You know, what classes she’s in and her personality and whatnot.”

“Not even one day in the school and you’re already going for Asaka? Wow man that was fast, but I can see why you would.”

“What! No! That’s not what I meant at all! I simply want to learn information about my biggest rival in the school.”

“Rival? Are you planning on trying to be the Student Council President any time soon?”

“Of course not. I will be the owner of this school from the back room, my fingers will be in everything that happens here.”

“Ah so you want to be the instigator of crime here at Onizaki eh?”

“Well something like that.”

“Here’s a bit of a tip then. Do not make Asaka hate you. She is a very kind and forgiving person, but if she hates you she will bring all her power together and crush you, mentally and physically.”

He said that with a bit of a shiver, as if he knew something of her wrath. So she was nice, but had a mean side when she had to. Sounded a lot like his little sister to be honest. He was going to have to stay in the background until he was able to amass some good followers then.

As we he was thinking he remembered something else.

“Wait what about the other student council members? What are they like?”

At this he smiled sadly and just looked at the floor.

“At this point I’m sure you know that this school isn’t exactly exemplary.”

“Well.. yeah..”

“Then I guess there’s no harm in it. Asaka is the only person that actually ran for the student council. According to Mr. Ogoe she is also the first person in over ten years to actually run for it as well.”

“What? You mean to say nobody has run for the student council in that long?”

“Yeah and she really tries hard to make this school a better place. The people that could help her with it have been beaten down by the bad students so much that they’ve given up hope in a good school for them to go to.”

As good as that was to hear for Kazu he felt something strange… was it regret possibly? Shame for being such a twat? The want to help a pretty girl out? No no… of course it wasn’t…

(This guy is too pansy for that.)

-Yet he wants to be a Yakuza.-

Either way, Kazu now knew that the only real source of order in this school was Natsumi Asaka. Taking her down would be easy, right? What could one person do.

Mr. Ogoe, finally done talking to Asaka, looked up from his podium and started first period. Kazu’s first day seems to be strengthening his hopes that this school would turn out to be just what he was looking for.

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